Tootsie' can you identify??

TsaLaGi Acres

9 Years
Feb 4, 2010
We just got this lil' one this morning and hoping she makes it...she's the only one in the whole batch of babies that has extra toes. Anyone have any ideas of what breed she is, gender or color class??
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Could she have some silkie in her--they have extra toes, but she doesn't have the dark skin on her legs like a silky does. Cute as a button! Good luck with her!
She's from Ideal Hatchery so I'm not sure. They say .... they only sell purebreds, all hatchery's say that but I'm not sure. I DO tho really like Ideal. They have really been nice and worked with us as well as so far the birds that have gotten here alive have all been nice and strong chicks.
I'm looking online and trying to find out what it is ...I'm now thinking Houdan??

Ok, here is yet another one...looks bigger (standard sized) 3 toes, and just as sweet as can be..


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