Top beak too long. Can I clip it?


11 Years
Apr 7, 2008
I have three polish hens and one of them has a top beak that seems to be far too long. It overhangs the bottom beak quite a bit more than the other PH. She has started behaving strangely (like she can't get enough food). Any suggestions/recommendations on whether I can clip it?
* I just did Miss Chook's. I used a 4-grit emory board to do most of it and had to use a pair of little cuticle nippers to trim a TINY bit on one side of the tip of her upper beak that looked like she had chipped somehow to a raggedgy point. . . ODDLY, she didn't seem to mind the emory board filing a bit once we got over the initial strangeness of it, in fact, she just about fell asleep! BUT, neither of us were very 'comfortable' with the nippers!! She's not clacking her beak anymore and tho it sensitive a day or so, she's over that, too and eating much easier.
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