Top Hat Special 36 Hatching Eggs “Polish & Crevecoeurs” Ohio


11 Years
Jul 9, 2008
Maria Stein, OH 45860
Top Hat Special 36 Hatching Eggs for $30.00 + $13.95 Shipping. You will recieve 16+ Standard Crele Polish Hatching Eggs, 8+ Bantam White Crested Polish Hatching Eggs & 8+ Bantam Black Crevecoeur Hatching Eggs. We are a NPIP Flock 31-244 & 31-399 & A.I. Checked. My Paypal is [email protected]


Hi Terry - I just saw this thread. If you still have these available I will take them. Just let me know and I'll send PayPal.

Everyone loves the "Fraggles". The ones I hatched from your 60+ special last year have been laying and their babies are running around everywhere. Everyone who visits wants to know what kind of chicken they are. My grown daughter calls them the Fraggles and says they are her favorite. They are so sweet and the fact they can't see very well with all that hair means you can just pick them up - not so with any of my other chickens.

By the way, the 60+ special I bought just recently all arrived in tact and are in the incubator.

Your birds are always beautiful and different and a real show stopper around here.

I'm just going to need more and more pens.

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