Torn dew claw.


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11 Years
Apr 22, 2008
I haven't had to deal with a torn dew claw before but from what I know of dogs, it can heal on its own without any problem, or it could get infected and need vet intervention. I noticed my dog licking his paw last night. He tends to be a licker in general so I didn't think anything of it until he didn't stop immediately when I told him to. Took a look and sure enough, he tore off one dew claw. It seems to be fine right now, other than licking it occasionally, he isn't in any distress over it. No limping, no swelling, it's not super tender (I can touch it gently without him flinching). His nails are all full black so it appears that he has torn the outside part of the nail clean off. I am not one to rush to the vet for every little thing but I do take my dogs if it is needed. Does it look like something I can just let nature deal with? If so, how long might it take before it is healed enough to have him working again (mushing)?




10 Years
May 26, 2009
That doesnt look too bad. My Boston tore hers off, twice, and it was a bloody, ragged mess. If he wont leave it alone, you can try to apply some Neosporin and wrap it with bandaging tape. You could spray the tape with bitter, no chew spray to discourage chewing and licking the tape. The nail will probably grow back in a few weeks, no problem.

I bet it hurts, like when we tear a nail and expose the quick. I hope he heals up fast poor doggy!

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