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Nov 25, 2009
What day should I decide to throw out the eggs? I have candled and 8 look great but the others not so much. Should I wait to day 16 or 18 or just throw out the ones that dont look good now? Today is day 11.
I also candle for rotten eggs. If they look really bad I take them out. I am afraid to do this because they are shipped and I really want these chicks! They are wayy more precious than my normal eggs!
I will definitely wait till lockdown. I havent thrown any away as of now. Not taking ANY chances with these shipped eggs!
I toss unfertilised when I found them, usually about day six or seven. Then a really good look over the candling light day beore lockdown, and any uncertains I leave in. I had four not hatch last batch, from 20, and only two may have died before day 18.
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We take out eggs at day ten and again when we are moving them into the hatching trays. We have had a couple of turkey eggs that at day ten we just weren't sure of so left them in until we candled for the last time when we moved them into the hatchers. They were bad and were disposed of them.

With our white and palely tinted chicken eggs we could probably do this at day seven, but we favor waiting until the tenth day to do our candling.
I candle my eggs befor i put them in the bator, i discard porus and cracked eggs.

I don't even open my sportsman till it is time to transfer to the hatcher, that is when i candle.

Good luck with your hatch.

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