toss the eggs or not?


12 Years
Aug 21, 2009
Belding Michigan
hen sitting on eggs, one of the other hens laid a soft shelled egg in the nest, gross, mess, I cleaned (scraped with my fingernail) the egg yolk & white all ready dried when I found it, then put them back in her nest,after I cleaned it, she has been sitting for 4 to 6 days. Would you toss the eggs, or is it OK to let her hatch them? Also, I can put her in a tractor with 4, 6 week old chicks, you think that would work?I lift the tractor during the day so the chicks run with the rest of the flock, I don't think the other hens would bother going in to lay eggs in the tractor coop. don't know if the hen will accept having the chicks in with her.
I have heard that you can use a very soft sandpaper to get the junk off. I have never done it. I just put some eggs in the incubator that were gross, so I washed them off, but I dont think you want to do that after a few days. Maybe take a warm cloth out there and wash them a bit. I wouldnt through them out....I think if you do the hen may say never mind.

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