Total all out war


10 Years
May 27, 2012
Morgan Hill California
Well here I am thinking I am done finally with the HOLIDAY INN of chicken coops, everyone is healthy, happy, and Im just starting to relax from months of working on this thing and now I got a great big hawk eyeballing my girls. RATS! I had one dive bomb my buff orp Annie a couple of years ago and that was a small hawk going after my biggest chicken. AND I was less than 15 feet away when it happened. The hawk missed, Annie dove underneath the orange tree and the hawk flew right past my face and gave me the stink eye on the way out. Now I have a much bigger hawk watching us, all weekend long everytime I let my girls out all of a sudden it appears. Yesterday it flew to three different tree tops trying to get a better angle for swooping down on my girls. THIS HAWK IS NOT GOING TO GET MY CHICKENS. My Russian Orloff I nursed from the brink of death for THREE WEEKS of infectious bronchitis and NO predator is going to get so much as one stinking feather. SO I ordered 4 25 by 50 foot wide bird netting from My Pet Chicken. I bought some bird netting at ACE but its too flimsy and at only 3 foot wide its going to take FOREVER to cover my yard. My neighbors think Im a nut. Yesterday I set two new fence posts, I have to add some fencing in three different areas to keep the girls on the grass and in an area where they can be protected. Im going to put the netting over pretty much my whole entire yard, Im going from the edge of my roof over to some extra wood Im attaching to my existing fence and my chicken coop. (Never mind the fact that I live in a 100 year old house with a leaky roof). At this rate I may move into the chicken coop and let the girls have the house. My whole yard is turning into an aviary. I'll post a couple of pics and see what you guys think when I get a little bit further along. Good greif. Chicken love. What can I say?
Good for you! I know exactly how you feel. I didn't order those eggs, watch them hatch and take care of those babies just so some stinking hawk could have a chicken dinner! BTW he was here on Sunday afternoon when we got back from church - caught him eating the rest of my 10 week old silkie mix chick - so sad :(

Here's the aviary netting I strung up - no it's not pretty - but it does the trick!

This picture is from this morning. He came back twice that I know of - no chickens being eaten today sir!

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