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8 Years
Jan 12, 2012
Hi, I'm Nicole (Hi, fellow BYC newbie Nichol!). My family has been thrown into raising chickens and I am a complete novice. We have a few Bantams, and I am finally getting into it for real after, this morning, my daughter came in and told me it looks like we're going to have hatchlings soon. I've been reading elsewhere and I'm trying to plow through the BYC "required reading" now but it's so much information to sort through--I'm already cross-eyed from trying to make sense of it. So I'm going to have a lot of questions for you all!
from Ohio
Welcome to the BYC Forum!

The required reading is a great place to start, but of course you will have lots of questions. If you are not sure you are ready for hatchlings yet, you have the option of just collecting the eggs that the hen is sitting on
All I can say is chickens are one of the easiest pets/livestock you could have. It's really not hard or worrisome to manage a flock unless you make it so. They are extremely self sufficient; in summer will forage most of their feed and even put themselves to bed at night. A broody even raises her own without aid. The only small hassle is when your gone for a weekend to get a neighbor close and open the coop door and check the water and feed dispenser. Our neighbor jumps at the opportunity to collect the eggs for himself but if he's gone too we pay another neighbor boy to do it.

I researched for weeks on end before getting chickens and am still educating myself two years later. But honestly, common sense with good observation is all that's required. That and a good fence to keep them in your own yard...escape artist. The entertainment and eggs they supply is very rewarding for less than 10 minutes a day of hands on care. We love having chickens. Enjoy.
About to post my first question on just that! Under Raising Backyard Chickens...

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