Total newbie question- how do you round 'em up?

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  1. congdon476

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    I like the idea of free ranging the chickens... and don't mind "babyitting" them while they do it... but how the heck do you round them back up? Not having had chickens before... do they come when called? Bribe them by throwing scratch into the coop area? Or just pick them all up by hand and put them back in their home? I know this is one of those newbie, moron questions... but I can't find a back thread on it. Thanks!

  2. Teach97

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    You might be better off trying to round up cats...they don't fly

    Bribery will probably work better but not all will accept that...even chickens can't be bought all the time...

    I know I am of no help but sometimes I can't resist!
  3. Wynette

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    If your chickens are regularly roosting in their coop, then begin freerangin them about an hour before sunset. THey should naturally go into the coop to roost, as this is their habit.

    YOu can also train them to come to a certain sound; mine come running when I have feed in a plastic scoop and sort of jiggle it around; the sound it makes tells them I have a treat for them. If you train them to a sound before you begin freeranging, then you can "call" them back in to roost for the evening easily if they don't come in on their own.
  4. jacyjones

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    As long as your chickens are kept in their coop/run at the start so they know that is their home they will return there when the light starts to go so they are safe before dark. You do not need to round them up or bribe them as long as they know their home.
  5. jforsness

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    I chase my 3 B's with my arms out-stretched and try to steer them to the coop. Since they are in a small, fenced yard, they have limited options of where to go. Let me tell you, they turn direction on a dime [​IMG]
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    If it is a new coop or new chickens, keep them in the coop for at least a week, where they, eat, water ans roost. After that, they should return to the coop when the sun is setting.

    I do it the lazy way, I wait till 1/2 hour after sunset and they are all in the coop and I just close the door. I have a Polish Hen that is little dumb and sometimes I have to steer her back to the coop.
  7. HorseFeathers

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    Bribing is best. Once they know about scratch, just the sound of it shaking in a cup will send them running towards you. Ours now come when we call "GUUUUU-rrlls!", whether we have food or not, and follow us around.
  8. one cool chick

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    If you give them treats like corn every time you go to see them they will end up following you everywhere in about a week. When I go outside the run to me. I either pet them or give them a treat when they come over to me. If that does not work leave a trail of food going into there coop and most of the time they will follow it. [​IMG]
  9. imfowl

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    They should go into the coop on their own around dark. If not you can train them to come to your call in a couple of days. Every time I give mine scratch, I yell HEEEEEER CHICKY CHICKY, and they, come running, silly little buggers.
  10. congdon476

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    Thanks guys- sounds like training with bribes is the best way to go... as well as not letting them out until closer to sunset!

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