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    Aug 9, 2011
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    I have a question for all of you out there that are experienced in the art of chickens and laying eggs. We got out chickens from Orscheln's on May 19th. I am not sure how old they were when we got them. They were in the pen that said assorted laying pullets. Out of the 10 we got we lost 2 (1br and 1rir) to a coon. We also lost our other br to heat. I guess what i am asking is how do you tell when they are going to start laying. One of our BO's has had her red comb and waddle for around a week now. The rest still have the normal white small combs and waddles. Do they make a certain noise or start doing anything special that i need to start watching for? I heard some wierd loud noises coming from the Bo with the red combs and waddles this morning which is the first like that i have heard. We have them in a coop at night and just open the door in the morning so they can free range in the backyard all day. When do I need to get the laying boxes ready? Right now they sleep in them but i don't have anything down for cushion. I didn't want to get it ready too soon because they poop and everything in their little boxes and didn't want to have to keep replacing the litter or hay or whatever I decide to put down everyday or more. Thanks. I can also take some pictures if that would be more easier.


    This is Fats today! We named her Fats because she was fatter and lazier than the rest of them when we got them. lol


    This is Lucy! Bought the same day as we bought the rest. All were taken out of the same bin.


    One of the Reds



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    I would think you should have some eggs by September 18. About 4 months old, many, not all will start to lay, some a little quicker, some a little later. I would not want mine sleeping in the nest boxes, while saying that, I do have 3 that are two weeks younger than yours that are doing the same thing. I will block those nest at night here shortly so that they roost where they are suppose to. I don't like poop in my nest boxes.

    Signs, bright colored leggs, dark red combs and wattles as you mentioned, and the egg squat, when you walk up to them, means that things are getting close, but as in weeks not hours.

    Good Luck, MrsK
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    Mine are just starting to lay now, at around 19 weeks...get your boxes ready, different breeds can lay at different ages.
    Since you aren't sure of the exact ages, I would get it done now...can't hurt at all.

    Check out the coop and run design thread and get some good ideas on nesting boxes!

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