Totally stressed about soft egg!! HELP!!

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  1. Ok, so this morning I go out to let my girls out and they all come fling out of the coop as usual, except my golden wyndotte that we call Sassy chicken. She is my best chicken as far as being super friendly and she has been a great egg layer. I believe she has been the chicken to give me the rare double yolker once a month or so. So, I am in the coop checking on her and she is still in the roost just sitting, no big deal and I decide to check things out below her and there under a fresh poop is a broken soft shelled egg. Because it was so covered with poop I could not tell if the egg came out whole and then broke because she was on the roost or if only part of the egg came out and part could still be in her. I left her alone this morning thinking it would be fine, but when I checked in the coop this afternoon she was in the coop still and just sitting under the feeder. She kind of looked like she was trying to tuck her tail feathers down. Again I left her alone for a bit and checked her at about 4pm and she was no where to be found. After searching high and low we found her hidden outside in a nest I set up. I knew she could not stay out so I fixed her a nest with some 2 month olds I have and put her in there for the night. Made sure there is food and water that is easy for her to get to. But what is going on with my chicken? Is she going to be ok? She is so outspoken sort of like a three year old! Always wanting the attention and what not. Today she was no where near her normal self. She seemed to be hiding from everyone and her sister chicks to!! Please help! Thanks so much! You all are awesome help!!

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    So, laying soft shelled eggs doesn't have to be a problem. It happens sometimes. I had one do it consistently when she was young and then she sort of grew out of it.
    But, in your case, it sounds like you've got a bird that is not feeling well.
    I would make sure she has enough calcium.
    And then I wonder if it might not be a good idea to treat her as if she were egg bound. Give her a warm water bath, which may help to relax her muscles and allow her to pass anything that might be left. This is just a suggestion...

    I'm sure you'll get some other suggestions as well. Good luck!
  3. Thanks so much yay chicks for responding. So last night I seperated my Sassy chicken from the rest of the larger chickens, put her in with the 2 month old girls. She seems to be eating fine and drinking plenty of water but she still just kind of sits around, not alot of movement. She seems alert and fine other than she looks like she is trying to tuck her tail like a dog would when they are in trouble. Weird. I checked her rear end and everything looks ok. There is no caking of poo around her rear. She is totally clean. Not sure what is going on. I fixed her a place in the regular coop wih her sisters and she is just hangin out in there. Still totally unsure what to do. My mom told me to put some oil around her rear end with a eye dropper. So I figure I will try that in the morning. It is real weird to see a chicken trying to tuck their tail under. Please anyone with any more advise, I will greatly appreciate it!! If the oil does not seem to work I am going to try the warm bath with her on Sunday. The temps are dropping here so I have to do that during the day so I can keep her in the house. Mornings are to chilly to bath her and let her outside, ANY ADVICE WOULD BE SOOOOOOO HELPFUL!! THANKS! Jolene

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