Toulouse goose with broken leg

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    This is our first post on this site, though it has been so much use to us in the past. Our most recent mishap has forced us to join.

    Two weeks ago, we found one of our toulouse geese with a broken leg. Her name is Katie and she is about a year old. We aren't too sure how it happened but it the femur was completely broken and sticking out of the skin. We cleaned and disinfected the site and then made a splint and wrapped it to keep it immobile. The next day she went to the vet. He set the break and put a pin in that will have to be removed in about 6 weeks. We were told to keep her as immobile as possible.10 days later she went back in for a check up. She was doing well but the incision had torn and required two staples. We were told again to keep her immobile and bring her back in another 10 days.

    I have three main questions.

    1. Her foot is still unresponsive and doesn't seem to have any feeling. It is ice cold. Is this normal? If so, when could we expect to see this to start responding and retaining heat?

    2. Though the vet seems optimistic, he has stated multiple times that if this is not successful that a goose cannot survive with one leg and she will have to be put down. I have seen many stories online about happy geese with one leg. Is it true that she cannot survive with one leg?

    3. If the surgery was unsuccessful and she can survive with one leg, is it better to amputate the dead leg or leave it attached?

    Any help or ideas is appreciated. Thank you all in advance!

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