Toulouse pipped and worried


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Apr 18, 2013
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Both my eggs have pipped and are chirping but no improvement since yesterday at 10 am...i see the blood vessels on inside...should i be worried or help? Please help!
How are you viewing the blood vessels at the moment?

Also have you found and read the Incubation Guide?

No i haven't been able to find it I've looked and looked...also i can see blood vessels through the Hooke it had pipped...its large but hasn't done anything further...its in the separate container with washcloth and cling wisp over top with holes...
Ok- well first you need to read the Guide and that will explain a lot, I've put a link to it below.

Toulouse often take 24 to 36 hours after externally pipping before they're ready to start rotating and hatching. Be patient, the goslings are peeping showing they're not doing so bad and the fact you can see blood vessels means they're not yet ready to hatch.

I would estimate they'll start progressing this evening.

Going on almost 24 hrs and chick has yet to move or rotate and blood vessels are still very prominent....looks as though its struggling to breathe
Woke up to a dead baby still in egg this morning...not sure what happened but hoping i don't lose my other one...they are supposed to be on Lockdown but if i open container to pull out the dead one will the other one be ok?

Sorry to hear that but probably gone too long in the shell after external pipping. Your other egg will be fine if you remove the Dead In Shell. I often check eggs in lockdown when necessary. Its a good rule to leave them alone to keep the humidity up but by no means a rigid rule and can be waived if necessary to intervene.

Best of luck.

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