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what kind of toys to give baby chicks?
Try food toys: clumps of grass with root balls and dirt; corn on the cob; crickets (HILARIOUS!), leaves of lettuce.

Just make sure you give them some grit before they get these toys.
My chicks are a couple of weeks old and they have a blast running around chasing each other with some red clover flowers that I found in the yard. Leave a little bit of the stem on so that they have a "handle to hold onto while they run around with it". The other thing that they have enjoyed was the leafy tops of some strawberries that we ate yesterday.
IMO, with warm weather the best toy is to let them run around outside and find their own entertainment.
One of my ducks got a hold of a cat toy (round little ball with bell in it). He has been playing with it off and on for days...LOL
My chicks haven't been too interested in the bird toys I put in the brooder but they love the shoebox filled with sand.

If you give them a clump of grass, do you also have to provide grit, or does the soil contain grit?

Also, does the play sand count as grit?

(Sorry - I realize I just went hijacking and off topic)
I gave my chicks a paper towel roll and I cut some of the edges off so that they could play with it. They loved climbing over it and trying to get in it. It was a blast to watch!
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