5 Years
Aug 5, 2014
SW Texas
Has anyone had good luck with things to keep your chickens "busy"?

I have 16 chicks that are still I little to small to free range by themselves (I do let them out for about an hour and a half in the evening, with supervision) and I would love some ideas to keep them from getting bored. Sort of like Jolly balls for stabled horses kind of thing.

Do they like mirrors? Parrot toys?
Mine are still young, so I haven't actually given them toys, but here's what I plan on doing:

Hanging lettuce hearts up high so they have to jump up to peck at them, those chicken toys that you fill with treats (I'm going to use mealworms) and the chicken has to peck at it to get them out, and just letting my chickens run around the backyard keeps them VERY busy. They always peck at the dirt and dig for bugs.

Also, my chickens love worms from the ground so here's what I do.

The worms where I live love the wet mud, so once every couple days I hose down the mud around the coop, and the chickens enjoy a mushy slippery snack!:)

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