Tractor or run design?

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Feb 12, 2009
Renton, WA
Does anybody have plans for a simple tractor or run design? I would prefer a attached run for simplicities sake. I am not a handyman AT ALL so that is why I'm asking for help.
My coop is 25' long by 5' wide and a little more then 5' tall (that one was hard to measure). I am thinking of putting the run on the 5' side in the pasture but also have it going through to the back side where it is mostly blackberries (that I'm going to clear) and dirt.
I want there to be a door out of the coop into the run and also a door out of the run so they can free range.
Any ideas for what I could use? I dont want to spend a huge amount of money on this. I'm thinking just a simple frame made out of 2x4's with hardware mesh for the fence. I'm not sure how to make the doors so any tips would be apreciated. I'm not a handyman at all like I said, so details are best
Also should the wood be treated? I want this to last a long time and I live in washington so I'm afraid of the wood rotting (my pasture fence is rotting because the people that we bought the house from didn't treat it when they installed it a few years back).
And if anybody lives in washington - is there a good place to pick up some cheap supplies for this?

Check my page. I think all the picture links work, if not check for Banty Tractor in the coop forum. It was easy to build, and built by me.
I have 7 full sized chickens (6 hens and a roo). I'm assuming that with your plans I should make it bigger, how much bigger? It looked way too small for full sized hens...

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