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Discussion in 'Meat Birds ETC' started by dapper, Mar 29, 2009.

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    I am getting 6 cornish males(2 of each, buff, dark, red laced white) and 2 delaware males. I know the crosses don't need much space because I have read they don't move much. How big would a tractor for mine need to be? In the future I might get some Colored Rangers but not sure I want 25 at a time. Other than that I would order enough from Ideal to reach their $25 limit, or get a few cornish for breeding and do my own. I owuld like to only build one tractor.

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    I'll try and help, although I don't really specialize in meat birds.

    If you'll be moving your tractor around in order for your birds to have access to fresh vegetation, then they can be enclosed in as small as 4 square foot per bird. If you will not be moving your tractor around on a daily basis, then the best estimate is 10 square foot per bird. Keeping in mind that the tighter you keep your birds, the more chance that they'll start doing bad things to each other like feather picking or cannibalism.

    hope that helps...

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