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    This is our first try at building chicken tractor. I am looking at doing like the forsham arks (triangular) and putting the housing above the run. Right now I have a footprint of 8-ft (L) by 4-ft (W) at the base (32-sqft), and the upper level is 8-ft by 1.6-ft (about 13-sqft).

    Question? Is this big enough for 6 Americaunas (sp?)? How about 5 RIRs? Will two nest boxes (one at each end) be enough? It will be moved every couple days to new ground.

    Also is 18" enough head run under the upper floor?

    Scott & Jen
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    Keep in mind that a triangular tractor doesn't have as much usable space as one with straight sides. The space along the edges with only a few inches of headroom doesn't really count. That tractor might be a bit tight for five standard fowl.

    18" of headroom is enough if the upper floor doesn't reach all the way across. Bigger birds, especially roos, will prefer two feet or so. With hens, 18" is more than they'd get in a battery cage, but probably less than they'd like.

    I have quite a bit of room myself, and I like to build things, so I'm not the most conservative with space. Still, figure about 48 sq. ft. of usable "outdoor" space and at least 12 sq. ft. of indoor space for six laying hens.
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    I totally agree with everything WikkitGateFarm says.

    That is very minimal usable 'indoor space'. It *might* be okay for 4-6 hens if you live in a very mild climate (and I'd say probably one without too many long rainy days either). But it doesn't give them anywhere to really just 'be' indoors, merely a narrow roost. Personally I'd really recommend a different design.


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    One of the advantages I do see about the Forsham ark triangular design is that it strikes me as not tip-able in strong winds. So maybe keep the design, but expand it - or build 2 arks. Also - consider how much time your birds may spend out of their enclosure. And - consider that one breed may be more mellow than another - so the space isn't as big of a deal. Just food for thought. I wish you luck [​IMG]
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