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Mar 30, 2022
So we chose some chicks from a "Hatchery Choice Rare breeds" bin at Tractor Supply, at the same time as some Asian Black, Golden laced wyandotte and Jersey Giants and are now curious what we've got, as we've not had much luck identifying! Two blue ones, we were told were Prairie Bluebell Eggers, but I don't think so... So many black chicks, we now don't know what's what! Lol Does anyone have any thoughts?


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With the yellow legs on the black ones, I suspect they're Asian Blacks. Blue bird and first sort of silver duckwing bird are Eggers of some sort. Very likely could be Prarie Bluebell. :)
Thanks! I wondered if the blue one might be an Andalusian. The girl at TSC was telling us all kinds of things we knew not to be true, so we just figured we would enjoy the mystery for awhile!
The first picture, black chicken, and last picture all look like prairie bluebell eggers to me. I don't know about the black/red one in the second picture. Your black chicken looks like it has white in its feathers, I've seen pure black feathers and black with some white be prairie bluebell eggers (having full slate, partial slate, or slate-washed yellow feet)

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