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9 Years
Sep 29, 2010
Still doing the research to try to sell my husband on the idea of getting chickens, and one of his big concerns is going to be the lawn. We definitely aren't golf-course lawn people, but he does try to keep our St. Augustine watered and mowed. My question is, which would be overall easier on the lawn: installing a permanent coop and pen set-up in one area and just expecting that area to be pretty well worn, or using a chicken tractor and moving it regularly? I've never had chickens enclosed in a small area, so I'm not really sure what the results would be. If the affect on the lawn is going to be negative, then I think we'd rather just build a permanent chicken area and let it take the wear and tear. But if moving them around in a chicken tractor would have a positive or even unnoticeable affect, that would possibly be our better option.

For what it's worth, I'm thinking of 2 to 4 chickens depending on some specifics of our local ordinances that I'm trying to figure out. And we live in Texas, so cold will not likely be a concern but heat will. The backyard is pretty well shaded, but it still gets hot.

Thanks again for any help!
Permanent coop with run. You can let the chickens out sometimes, for some free range time in the evenings (so they'll go back into the coop at dusk) and still keep a lawn.

Luckily, I don't mind the moonscape created by all the chickens building their little dust-bathing spas.
I had the same concerns and ended up with a stationary coop and run. I let them all out when I'm home. It has worked well for me and I don't have to worry about moving a tractor around by hand.
Yay for St. Augustine grass!!! Green in the spring through fall and never have to mow it during the winter!! Chickens will turn it to dirt in nothing flat. I keep my babes here and let them out an hour before dark everyday to range about. This way my gorgeous grass doesn't get ruined, yet it remains bug-free and they help keep it trimmed.


Thanks! I'm thinking stationary coop and run will be it, with maybe some free-ranging depending on what I work out with the local ordinances. We have a 6' fence so while it wouldn't stop a determined chicken, I imagine it would keep them reasonably well contained for supervised free-range time.
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