Trading in a roo for a hen...quarantine?


Apr 21, 2016
I have 6 chickens. 3 are 10 weeks and 3 are 5.5 weeks. The younger ones came from a local farm. She guaranteed hens. My one easter egger is infact a roo so she said just to swap him out for another hen. But doesnt it have to go into quarantine or should it be ok since it was from the same farm? I got them from her 5 weeks ago.

Also, isnt it cruel to have one hen in quarantine all by itself.


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Sourced from the same farm, I wouldn't quarantine, myself. I don't see the point. Yes, I guess in theory she might have had something come in in the last 5 weeks. But if she's not had any ill birds, I think the chances are pretty darn small.

It's not cruel to keep a bird by itself for a period of time, though. Yes, they may fuss and carry on, but you're the human and you make the decisions. If it's what you decide to do, you do it and let them fuss.

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