Tragedy and still no new chicks

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8 Years
Feb 9, 2011
So we are that newbie who found out the hard way that our dogs are smarter than we thought. They managed to unlatch the door to the hen house and it was a total loss. Luckily for my kids, there were no little chickie bodies, they had apparently all been eaten. One of our dogs (lab/German short-haired pointer) has a reputation for opening gates and doors, but we didn't think she would be able to undo the latch on the coop - how very wrong we were.

So, we have changed out the latch type to the ones that you put a keyed lock through - If she is able to get through these I'm gonna retire early and go on the road with her

Problem is, all the hatcheries that I contacted are out until May, and the 3 feed stores I visited were out until next week
I can wait a week, I'm just bummed about the loss of my little ones and restless to get started anew.
I ordered from Ideal Poultry, they had a lot that shipped just a week out. Also, most tractor supplies will be getting their chicks very soon. I'm going to TRY really hard not to go,lol.

I'm so sorry about your chicks. I can't imagine how that feels to care for them daily and then they are just all gone in an instant.
Have you tried hatching your own chicks? You can get in as much trouble as me then. I hatch all year round. I want to post pics, but this web site is WAY smarter than I am.
But getting back to my point, I don't understand why chicks are only sold in the spring.
I am acutely aware of your loss, as I had 30 (my whole flock) get killed at 10 weeks old from a dog attack!
My 2 and 2 neighbor dogs were the culprits. These were my very first order and I had 100% survival from the day I received them. I got 12 more the very next day from my local F & S store and have not looked back since! I know you will raise great birds when you get the next batch. Good Luck!

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