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Trailer frame for movable coop?

Discussion in 'Coop & Run - Design, Construction, & Maintenance' started by NMbirds, Sep 9, 2008.

  1. NMbirds

    NMbirds Songster

    Aug 17, 2008
    Abiquiu, New Mexico
    Does anyone have experience using a trailer frame as the base foundation for a movable coop? I want to build a large coop but make it easy or relatively easy to move around. Have a large tractor that will pull anything so that's not an issue. How much trouble is it to move the pen every time you move the coop if they are not attached?
    Anticipating housing for 20-25 girls and companion cockerel.
    Have looked at samples here and plans elsewhere, will probably end up with original design. Materials not an issue.
    Size and portability are. Thanks.[​IMG]
  2. pdpatch

    pdpatch Songster

    Apr 5, 2008
    Hastings, Nebraska
    Depends on the definition of trailer frame I have two I made from trailer frames, about 4 x 9 and 4 x 10, and I made, and one from an old chevy van body. Mostly t depends on how the frame is made on how easy it is to move. None of these coops have built in nesting boxes. The first one just uses some feed pans with stay in it

    The first one was made with a hay type trailer frame. that is 4 wheel and two axles (4 x 9 one) it can be moved with a garden tractor or by one person of level ground. It could house maybe 10 to 12.


    Nesting pan for chickens
    5 older hens use this one, but about 10 or 12 could.

    The second one 4 x 10 is used for turkeys. In hind sight I should have made more of an over hange on the sides and wheel wells to make is wider. I would guess maybe 10 or 12 layers could use it. It can be moved with a garden tractor. I don't have any pictures of it finished.


    The third is a old chevy van body. also currently used for turkeys. But it takes a full size pickup to move it


    The fourth is for next year it will be made from an old mobile home frame and be 14 x 20 and take a pickup to move it.

    Pulling the hay wagon types are not to bad to move, but backing up takes some practice. The others would be easier to move and level if they had a trailer jack in front.

    The two runs/pens we have are not to bad to move they move pretty easily except if there is two much of a sloap. For next year I will try attaching the movable runs to the coop trailers to they can be moved all at once by hooking to the coops.

    One run ir rather large but mobile, It;s made from tubing and uses scafolding wheel .


    The second is small and made from an old aluminum garage door I had. It uses 12 " wheels and is easy to move. on the level it's easy to push around.


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