training to walk up and into the coop at night?

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  1. molschickies

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    Mar 7, 2012
    Portland, OR
    My 4 chickens are about 10 weeks old now and have been out in their coop/run for a week (exclusively in the coop for the first couple days). Every night, I pick each one up and put her in her coop. When do they start to walk up the ladder into the coop on their own? I certainly don't mind putting them in there, but I thought that they'd be getting into the routine by now...

    Also, when they were in their brooder box I couldn't keep them off of the tops of the waterer and feeder - they LOVED to roost. Since they've been in the coop, they NEVER use the perch that's in there to roost (it's about a foot high). Maybe they're just too short still?

    I am really not as impatient as I may sound, just curious :)[​IMG]

  2. Alte Vogel

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    May 18, 2011
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    I have 2 chicks that are 6 weeks old. I put them in the coop 2 nights in a row. On the third night I went out to their run to put them in the coop and found them already in there. I was really surprised. They have been climbing their ramp into the coop ever since then; about a week now.
    Mine don't get on the roost though. Like yours, when they were in the brooder they got on the little roost I had for them. Don't know what is different but I am sure they will in their own time.

    Your chicks will probably surprise you like mine did. [​IMG]

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    Apr 4, 2012
    I am two days into putting my young chickens into their coop at night also :) I hope they figure it out soon! I feel like I have the great chicken round up every night :D Although I did actually see them on the ramp today, unlike yesterday, so maybe there is hope. They also are not using their roosts yet.
  4. Doughie

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    Apr 15, 2011
    Cache County, Utah
    I used a night light in my roost. When it gets dark they gravitate to the light. It also helps them find the roosting bars.
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  5. tyjaco

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    May 4, 2010
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    most of mine still sleep on the floor - well away from the big girls...
  6. molschickies

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    Mar 7, 2012
    Portland, OR
    They did it!!! Last night I glanced out the kitchen window and noticed that one of the four chickens was walking up the ramp into the coop - the others soon followed! When I went out to close the coop door, I noticed that all 4 chickens were in a clump, hunkered down inside of a single egg box! (It's been pretty chilly, and they really do seem to love each other - cute!)
  7. kac266

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    Jul 15, 2011
    As a fairly new chicken owner myself(1 year) Ive learned here in this forum that its not a very good idea to let your girls sleep in the nest boxes, they will get used to that and your eggs will be VERY poopy as that is the time they poop the most. If you cant keep them out of the boxes, then I would suggest you cover the boxes until they are nearer to laying or they start roosting.
    Try putting them up on the roost for a couple of nights, once they get the hang of it they will love it :eek:)
    I left a night light on for mine until they felt comfy getting up themselves,(about a week) I have a ramp going up to their roost, I also have 4 girls like you do. Enjoy!

  8. Presidential

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    Feb 7, 2012
    My problem is that when they hear me come out to close the coop door, they all come running out to greet me! Cute, but annoying when I want them to go to bed.

    When I turn to go back in the house, they do the same. I have to sneak behind the back of the coop to get the door closed. Sometimes they hear me.
  9. ButchGood

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    Mar 14, 2012
    Central Texas
    Mine are 4 weeks old. They have been living in a 8x8 coop and have a 25x25 run. They have been living like big girls for 9 days now. I have to round up all 16 every evening before dark and put them in. I let them out and put them in the same door nightly. They come down the ramp fine,very excited to start their day every morning. But they need chasing down every evening. I'm sure they'll get it,they're only 4 weeks old. I made one mistake and didn't get them inside before the coop got dark. I let them stay out until after dusk. A couple chicks started making the distress PEEP PEEP PEEP. I told the wife, lets round them up they want in. When we got them inside they ALL started with the distress Peeps, it was so sad. After about 2 minutes they settled down. I now make sure I get them in before it gets dark in the coop. They then eat a little, drink a little and get settled in for the night.
    Doughie had a good idea I'm going to try, Hang a night light inside and see if they gravitate towards the light.
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  10. molschickies

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    Mar 7, 2012
    Portland, OR
    That is a great point, KAC266! I hadn't thought of that - I will try to set them on their roost tonight (and hereafter, until they do it themselves). Thanks for the tip!!!

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