Transfer from Brooder to Chicken House Went Well

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    Hello chicken loving friends! Being newbies to raising our own chicks we were nervous about how they would do
    making the transition from brooder box where they have lived since they were delivered day old a month ago.
    We have 45 pullets and 5 roos - all Barred Rocks. Since the brooder box my husband constructed was to house
    the 25 we ordered it got pretty crowded in the last week or so as the hatchery goofed and doubled our original
    order! The adolescent chicks have been in their new chicken house now for two days and nights and seem to
    love it. We are so enjoying watching them play around and they are very friendly and interested in my husband
    and I too. We intend to let them 'free range' within the large fenced in enclosure around the chicken house but
    want them to get larger so they can won't be so vulnerable. At what age do you all think it's safe for them to be
    in the fenced in area during the daytime hours? I love this forum - we've learned so much from all of you!

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    Unless the fenced area is covered they will be vunerable from attack by Hawks and other birds of prey. A good way to start is to let them out a few hours before dusk while you supervise. They will still be at risk if a bird is hungry enough, but it should be a little safer. I would wait another month or two before I left them out their unattended, depending on how may airborne predators you see.

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