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    Jul 28, 2014
    This is us, We are the TRANSFORMERS!!! Our latest mission is to save Arcee and Optimus Prime who has gone missing with Jack, it is vital that we bring them back! For they are the only ones to be able to get into the decepticons, we need help… Our bridge is broken and it will take Rachet 2 days too prepare the bridge. The only communication between the base and ace is communication. Miko and Raf are very worried,


    • Clean talk and all BYC rules apply
    • fighting between characters is allowed but nothing to violen
    • no spamming'
    • I am the only one in charge of this RP What I say goes
    • Before we start the RP we must have at least 3 humans (Miko,Jack,Raf) and 2 Autobots
    • Keep the RP PG
    • Keep track of all characters. (Especially if any main Autobot or high authority Decepticons)
    Have fun!

    Their are two sides

    Autobots- These autobots are under the authority of Optimus Prime, and are nice to each other and are very close to their human friends. They help protect the 'human' world from the Decepticons and are brave. But their base is strictly secret and if someone sills the beans, Optimus will have a nice chat.

    Decepticons- are very mean bots. They arer ruthless killers and are under the authority of Lord Megetron who dies quickly but is healed with the help of Bumble-Bee …

    Please PM me for Ranks especially If you want to be high in rank. If you are a autobot please remain close friends with your human friends.

    Information Sheet


    Human you are in charge of: (If you are human then it would be) Autobot who is in charge of you:
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    Jul 28, 2014
    Name; Optimus Prime
    Personality: very wise, in charge of the Autobots
    Human you are in charge of: None
    Description: Pic above

    Name: Raf
    Personality: Sweet,loyal,friend to Bumble-Bee, Computer genus
    Autobot who is in charge of me: Bumble-Bee
    Description: See pic above

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