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May 25, 2017
Hey everyone! This is my very first post, but I have read a million of yours. :)

I am new to the chicken world and I absolutely love it!! About 3 weeks ago a friend gave me 2 olive eggers and 2 cream legbars that are about 11 months old. (He had to thin his flock)

I decided to add hens around the same age, instead of adding younger pullets to my coop as originally planned. Saturday, I added a barred rock, black australorp, and gold sex link in with my girls. All in all, things went very well. The australorp will hardly come out of the coop. She is sitting on the coop floor or a nesting box most of the time. The others seem to pick on her the most (including the two that were in her flock at the other farm) but there is no bleeding or anything major. She will not get on the roosting bars at night either. She stays on the floor.

1. Is this normal behavior for a BA? Sometimes I think she might be broody, if there are eggs, she will sit in the next box on them. But, she's not grumpy in any way. In fact, she is super sweet. But, I've tried every treat in my arsenal and she won't take it at all.

2. Will this level out and improve? Her staying to herself and getting picked on makes me terribly sad. (Is that silly?)

3. Am I worrying too much? She is so sweet and I just don't want her in the coop by herself all the time.

Thank you for your patience and for any help/advice that you can give this newbie. I love these girls. I am supposed to pick up the rest of my flock on Wednesday and I'm not sure my heart can take another round of transitioning.

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Jun 9, 2017
NW Missouri
Sometimes hens can be broody without being grumpy. I had one that only made like one little sound, then calmed down. It is also possible that the other chickens are picking on her so she is hiding from them. Are your roosts big enough for her to sit on one and be away from the others if she wanted? You might try putting her on the roost at night. My guess is she will get settled down in time.

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