Transporting chickens to Mexico.


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Hey y'all. I will be moving to Mexico in February and I have a flock of five that I want to bring with me to my new home. Does anyone know anything about crossing the border with them? I'm driving so the plane isn't a problem, but I just can't find anything online about it. Thanks in advance for any help!
Check the SAGARPA regulations. I suspect you would do better to leave your birds at home and re establish your flock when you get settled in Mexico.

Just where in Mexico are you going? Different areas have different problems. Also, there are some state regulations that need to be check out.

Just my opinion.

Here's an article that talks about some requirements for exporting animals from the U.S. to Mexico.
don't know when it was written or anything about its reliability.

Here's a site from the USDA discussing export of live animals from the U.S. to various countries.
There are links to various countries.

It looks like this would be the basic guidelines for adult birds:

At the least it appears you'll need a health certificate. It specifies what veterinarians must provide that -- it appears that it needs to be issued by one vet & certified by another, both with particular certifications. Then, border inspections by certain agencies and I'm not sure what else. I didn't read that far.

Edited to add: looks like that health certification also requires that each bird be tested for avian flu. There are also other requirements listed.
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I used to drive across every day, they rarely check you, if they do, you can always make a U-turn and bring them back and try again another day.
That was then, this is now. The US even checks vehicles leaving the US now. For what it is worth, I would not risk it.

You do realize that doing this would make the OP a smuggler? At the least that could mean a big fine. Otherwise, well, prison in Mexico is not the same experience as prison in the US...
Have you ever cross on the land border into Mexico? I have cross thousands of times, every day, sometimes many times a day for years.

There is no one there to ask if you are bringing anything, a random red light turns on and you go to a search area, people get send back to the US sometimes if they don't let you cross something. But you will go to jail if they find a gun or very large quantity of anything, like 200 cases of chicken, 1000 tv's, etc..

Yes, like once a month there are also inspectors on the US side checking on cars before you reach Mexico. Chickens are not illegals, just tell them you will make a u-turn back to the US.

I am just making a suggestion, you will do what you are comfortable of doing. Now coming back to the US, don't bring anything.
Me? Yes. I have crossed land borders into Mexico. Perhaps there is a difference in where you cross and how closely they check, or how things are handled. I've had different experiences crossing borders. Of the countries I've traveled into, Mexico has been one of the stricter about paperwork. Then again, I have crossed into Mexico more from Belize than from the U.S.
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Well, I am going to a place called Todos's in Baja California Sur so it is quite a drive. My intention is to drive through Texas and cross at Nuevo Loredo and head straight to Mazatlan to hop on the ferry (which is sixteen hours) and arrive in La Paz. I am going to be settling there, not bringing any chickens back with me. So coming back across the border won't be a problem because I won't be doing it too often, and certainly not with chickens. Thanks for the help given so far. I have certificates for all of my animals except the chickens, so I guess I will attempt to get some for them. If not, I may just try to drive across and do the u-turn thing if they say no. All they can do is say no, right?

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