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    Mar 13, 2015
    I have a quick question--I was planning on getting my chicks today but I will be out most of the day on Thursday and Friday. I was thinking about having my neighbor chick sit for me but it would require me to transport the chicks/brooder to her house (about a mile and a half). Would this cause harm to my chicks? Am I better off waiting to get my babies?
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    Nov 7, 2012
    Get your chicks, and set them up in the brooder. You don't need someone to stay with them. Just be sure the temp in the brooder is stable at 90-95* directly under the light, and they can get away to a cooler area (best if that area will get down to around 70. Give them plenty of water, and food. I'm sure that you'll be rushing home both days to find that they did just fine without you.

    ETA: The temp guideline is just that: a good starting place for newbies. If your chicks aren't clustered under the light, or if they aren't resting far away from the light, they're just right. Often you don't need the "under light" temp as high as the recommended temp. Beware: panting chicks, or chicks with wings spread are too warm.
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