Traumatized at slaughter

Tumbleweed Farm

11 Years
Jun 17, 2011
Benton City, WA

DH and I processed 4 7 wk old cornish x yesterday, avg. weight 6 lbs--dressed out beautifully. I was able to keep 3 calm until slaughter but for the life of me I could not keep one of the birds calm. He was frantic to the end--will all that adrenaline ruin the meat?
not that I have any experience with this, my birds are for egg laying only. But just wondering if the birds saw each other? If that bird was kept separate, maybe under a cover so it was in the dark, maybe it wouldn't have been stressed? I really have no idea about the meat, sorry. I imagine most animals have some sort of adrenaline going right before they are killed.
Some birds are just like that. You shouldnt see any difference in the quality of meat, however you are justified in the concern. Follow the resting procedures and it should be mighty tasty!

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