Travelling 2 hours with 2 month old chicks?


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May 19, 2015
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Ok, so I've seen where little baby chicks are ok to travel as long as they stay warm. My plan is to raise the chicks here at my home until they are about old enough to be outside and then drive them up to my in-laws house where they will live. She isn't quite so sure about raising them from itybity little chicks. Think they'd make the drive at 2 months old? any special preparations?


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May 19, 2009
Just use a cardboard box tall enough for them to stand in without the combs hitting the ceiling. . Cut a bunch of small holes they can't get their head thru near the top of the box for ventilation. 12 should be enough. Like the other poster said, use several layers of old towel for firm footing and then throw it away. Close the box and run some tape across it so they can't push their way out the top. You don't need to worry about food or water for a 2 hour trip. They will be fine. Have your relative have a small bottle of Poultry Nutri-Drench handy. Give them 2 drops each when they arrive. Then 2 ml per gallon in their water for the next 2 weeks. My treated water looks like very weak tea. This added nutrition will get them past any travel stress and any stress encountered in adjusting to their new home. The Nutri-Drench products mainline directly to the bloodstream. Might want to buy her a bottle as a present and give each of the chicks 2 drops before the journey, if you want. Tractor Supply sells the small bottle of Poultry Nutri-Drench for only 6.99. It's very concentrated.
I raise all my chicks on Nutri-Drench for the 1st month. It gets them off to strong start. Last season I raised 42 Light Sussex chicks on it for the 1st 2 months using the Goat Formula with the poultry formula instructions. . No sickness, no deaths. Measureable in the bloodstream in 30 minutes, with 99% utilization. All natural. Tho the various Bovidr Labs formulas are species-specific, they also meet the scientific standards for a universal formula. Just always use the Poultry directions whichever formula you choose. I use either the Poultry, Goat, or Pet formulas on my birds. I use the Pet or Beef formulas on my collies, using the Pet formula directions.
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