Travelling with eggs and then what?


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Mar 10, 2009
Winder, GA
Hey guys! Dh is at home making Miss Prissy's bator. I'm 4+ hours away and will be heading home Wednesday with around 40 eggs. I'm going to bubble wrap them in a box and keep it in the front seat with me on the way. When I get home, I plan to open them and let them rest on the counter. How long do they rest before going in the bator and what position do they need to be in?
Also, can anyone in GA tell me what humidity you keep your bator on?
small end down position.

some did give different times to let the eggs *rest*, i draw the mid line for you, 3 hours.

i'm sorry i'm not in GA, almost thousand or even more from GA.
First I wouldn't bubble wrap them.I have traveled several hours with eggs in my car with no trouble.Bubble wrap is plastic-eggs breathe and yes they are shipped that way but there is no need to stress them for a car ride.Mine ride in egg cartons with the tops open for air.
Once they get home you can let them set if you want...I have done it both ways and have had no real hatch difference.Always keep pointy end down.
I'm in TN with all the humidity we can handle-think you guys and us have all the rain this Country needs right now
I always keep my bators around 50% the first 18 days 45-50 I don't get worried Then I lockdown right around 70% I try not to go over 72-73 so when they hatch it won't get too high.That said last week we hatched at 85% with no water added and the bator cracked open.Mother nature has been hard to live with around here.
Today my lockdown is 70% and I'm hoping for 6 chicks tomorrow

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