Treating chickens


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Sep 24, 2007
I was wondering does anyone treat their chickens for worms or parasites just to keep it under control? I haven't done anything with my hens which are 10 months old. I was just wondering if you are supposed to add something to their water or treat them???? Any suggestions will help. I haven't noticed any worms or problems, my hens are free range right now, fixing to be cooped up when I get my garden planted in the next couple of weeks. Don't want them to eat my garden up.

Break an Egg

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Mar 17, 2008
San Antonio
I was wondering the site last night, I read up on DE, when you buy the food grade(only buy the food grade) you can give it to your chickens in their food. You can also give it to other animals, and it can go on them. It really sounds like a miracle.
here is the link, I'm planning on buying some soon, the only problem is it's hard to find you may want to order it online try customilling .com


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Apr 20, 2007
Ontario, Canada
Most people (esp. those who eat their hens' eggs) don't worm their chickens unless there is specific reason to believe there's a problem. First, there is the question of how long before you can safely eat the eggs; and secondly the wormers can be somewhat hard on the chickens' systems. You might want to take a fecal sample to the vet to have it checked.

Some people use DE in the feed. What there's been in the way of controlled research does not seem to support this as being effective in decreasing worm load in livestock. That said, some feel that DE is effective as a *preventative*, not as treatment once the birds already have significant amounts of worms, and I ma not aware that its effectiveness as a preventative has ever really been properly tested. It is probably harmless, at least.


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