Treating E Coli and Proteus

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    Mar 25, 2011
    Staten Island, NY
    My little 3 year old black star Bubs is currently battling coccidia, e coli and proteus. She is in the process of completing a course of sulmet for the coccidia (had I known better I would have treated with corrid instead....but I had already begun treatment)

    Now the stool C/S has come back positive for e-coli and proteus and the vet recommends treating with trimethaprim sulfa or baytil.

    Does anyone have any experience treating with either of these medications? I want to know which is better and easier on my chicken's system before I start the treatment.

    She's quite ill but has been making improvement since she's been in isolation in a quiet and non-stressful environment with live treats (the only thing she will eat at this point) I plan to treat to whole flock. Advice on supportive measures is valued as well.


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