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    Oct 7, 2015
    So, as I was on here the other day regarding my scrunched up hen, a lot of people suggested that I treat her with Corid ASAP. It arrived tonight but over the past couple of days, I have yet to see any bloody poops in the coop. Chicken Little is still scrunched up, but has been eating a little and I got her to enjoy some squash tonight. I'm wondering if I was to treat the flock with the Corid as a precautionary measure, is there any harm in doing this? With no chicken vet to be found, I'm not sure exactly this is what is ailing her and just want to make sure that I do the best by all my guys and dolls. Thanks for the help!
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    Oct 21, 2015
    It's safe to treat with Corid as a treatment and as a preventative. There are different dosages for each.

    You can go ahead and treat with a regular strength for 5 days and follow up with a preventative strength for an additional 5-7 days.

    If you use as a preventative only then it's the lower strength for 21 days. Here is a link with mixing instructions for either the liquid or powdered Corid. The Left side is the solutions to mix for prevention and the Right side is the solutions to mix for regular treatment. For severe cases (like when you see blood) you can double the solution for regular treatment. The instructions your looking for are for Water Tank Mixing to make one gallon at a time. Slim Jim-All.pdf

    If you still have trouble figuring out the instructions let us know so we can help.

    Have you wormed her recently? She may need a wormer too.

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