treating for possible mites


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Jun 29, 2010
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What is the youngest age you can treat chicks for possible mites? We have some 1 week olds, 2 1/2 week olds and 3 1/2 week olds in the brooder. A couple of the 3 1/2 week olds are exhibiting behavior like they are picking mites off each other. Are they too young for dusting with Sevin? I could put it in their pan of soil they dust bathe in, so I don't have to dust them directly. They can get it while dustbathing. But, are they too young? I don't want it to harm them.
You could mix some sevin in with dry sand for them to dust bathe in. But before you do that I'd check them over real carefully for mites. Remember growing all those new feathers in really, REALLY itches so all chicks act mite infested at that age. Mine are not quite 2 wks, totaly big free and itching like crazy already.

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