Treating yard for cluster flies


5 Years
Dec 30, 2014
Windsor, MA
I am looking for ways to help mange cluster flies. The previous owners used to treat the yard but since we have been here 3 years we haven't done anything. This fall the cluster flies were so bad. We would kill about 30 a day in the house and it would look like a scary Halloween movie on the backside of my home with the flies covering it. We have no idea how they get in the house. My girls are free range but really need to do something about the flies in spring/summer. Help!


7 Years
Dec 25, 2012
Big Bend of the Tennessee River's Right Bank.
Cluster flies are a parasite of the humble earth worm and the adult flies commonly feed on the rotten filth in homemade recycling projects like a compost pile. I strongly suspect that these pest are mostly on the South wall of your home because like the old tune about the boll weevil "just a looking for a home," at this time of year cluster flies are looking for warm winter quarters to live in until next Spring. They do this in the many cracks and voids in the walls of your home and some also make it inside. You'll see more of them on warm Sunny days this winter when they become more active.
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