Treddle feeder, version #1


Rube Goldberg incarnate
9 Years
Mar 17, 2010
Western Washington
Still haven't finished it, but I am very close to completing this feeder. I need to add some weight to the foot plate, maybe 6-8 oz or so, so that it will be an easy step to lift the plate. It is pretty big. My guess is that it will hold about a 50# bag of food, maybe 3/4 of a bag. Anyway, had a few time issues that got in the way, but I have the engineering done. Just need to make it a bit more high speed, low drag, and it will be ready.




Open for food

It takes a 4'x4'sheet of 1/4" plywood, one 6' cedar fence board, some scrap 2x6, and a few screws, nuts and bolts. Certainly worth $279.
We bought two from The Carpenter Shop - they are fabulous! We've had them up and running for about 8 months now and love how we have cut down on feed loss. We had a bad rat problem until installing these. It took the chickens about 30 minutes to figure out how to use it and they love it. And - my son put one together (very simple assembly) and did a great job. I neglected to read the instructions and overtightened the counterbalance block and cracked it. Al, the owner, sent us a new one the next day - no charge! Great product, and great service!
Thanks for the nice review and the link sfterry.

Since its been a few years you might want to check that treadle wire link to see if it is showing any signs of wear. Properly installed they last for several years but if they are a bit snug metal fatigue sets in and they snap, usually right in the center. If they are put in really tight they metal fatigue in a few weeks. Run your fingers down it, you will feel any knots or thin places developing. They are cheap, almost all shipping cost really, we don't view parts as a profit center, just something that needs to be available. Look at our soft close retrofit kit too and the new waterproof retrofit kit.

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