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  1. So my girlfriends mom has a rescue potbelly pig that is in dire need of having its feet trimmed.
    The nails are about 4-5 inches long and the vet wants 1500$ just to trim them.

    I told her Id look into it.
    The vids I have found on YT and such are not very helpful as far as details.

    Is anybody experienced enough to tell me how to do it, or even come and show me 1 time so I can do it in the future?

    This poor pig really needs some help, and that vet bill is just unattainable right now
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    Did you watch the you tube video where they put the pig on its back?? That one is pretty good..
    Also google something like "How to trim pigs feet/hooves"... something like that.
    I brought my pigs to the vet last year to get them done for the first time...he showed us how to do was EASY... i'm doing it myself next time. He just took a little off the hoof with dog toe nail clippers...
    But in the video she uses hoof trimmers... might be better to get them. Dont go too far down the first time....cause you may hit the quick and they'll bleed.
    What about any local farmers.. bet they'd show you how to do it for cheap....
    The vet probably wanted $1500 cause he wanted to put the pig out?? Is the pig tame.,.can you handle his feet at all? Or flip him on his back like the video shows..thats what i'm doingnext time.

    Although..if his feet are BAD... you really have to be careful...if you trim them can do more harm than good... it can make them lame...
    I'd try to find a pig farmer or something.. that may be your best/cheapest bet...
    OR google pot belly pig rescues in your area.... i'm SURE they know how to trim the feet...
    Good luck!
  3. Ive seen all the vids on YT, including the one you are talking about with the pig on its back.

    Im afraid that Ill be dealing with most of the negative aspects of your reply with this pig.

    I put an ad on CL right after I did this one, earlier today... no response as of yet.


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