Trimming Rooster Spurs


May 11, 2020
South Mississippi
What do you guys use to keep your cock's spurs blunt? I want to keep my cockerel's spurs blunt. I have garden pruning shears and have, in the past, used large dog nail clippers on my mother's cocks. Would the shears be adequate, or should I invest in some clippers?

As an aside, I need to keep my cockerel's spurs blunt because he's turning into a bit of a jerk. He has until next April when he turns a year old to straighten up or it's the pot for him. I have two kids, 3 and 1.5, and I will not tolerate him running at them.
So many options! Thanks, guys!

I'm not looking to take off length, just keep a point from forming. I plan to breed for more docile roosters in the future, so hoping I won't need to worry about removing them.
Get a dremel with a cutting blade that’s what I use for my game roosters it carterizes it when you cut so no bleeding at all and you can make them short. Best way to do it in my opinion
Would a dremel blade for metals be ok? The pkg says it can also be used on plastic and wood, but I wonder if it would cut through a spur easily enough without painfully tearing it up?

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