Trio Ginger Modern Game Bantams


9 Years
Oct 17, 2010
North Texas
Trio of Ginger Moderns...

are these hens show quality? I know the rooster can't be shown unless dubbed but didn't know if you have ever shown the hens or how you think they would do up against other modern game bantams? I know my ginger red old english hen her coloring looks different than these hens.
On the hen coloring, I am going to guess these are probably not pure gingers.... I was told they throw bbred and birchen offspring as well as ginger.. I got them from a breeder who raised them.. I don't really know.. I just wanted them for an outcross because they stood up so pretty.. and had nice long legs.
Yeah those long legs do make them interesting to look at. Do they lay pretty well? So I'm not halfway confused the hens crossed with this rooster will produce all those different colored chicks bb reds, gingers, and birchen?
Yes, they lay pretty good.. I have been very impressed..The eggs are very large compared to the birds and they lay an egg the size of my Standard (largefowl) phoenix..
YES That is correct.. They produce bbreds, gingers, and birchens..

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