Trio of White Crested Polish ~ Blue Rooster, Blue Hen, & Black Hen


9 Years
Apr 11, 2010
Mooresville, IN
BBS Trio of Standard Polish. This trio is from last years hatch and are laying great Rooster is fertial and they have produced LOTS of Blue, Black & Splash chicks for me this year. Thinning way back on our flock so this trio is for sale. Rooster is Blue, 1 hen is Blue, and 1 hen is Black. Can ship if buyer pays all shipping cost as well as send me a box for them as I do not have one for them.

Can get a photo of the rooster as well tomorrow if needed I just dont currently have one.
Hens are pictured as pullets

Blue Hen as a pullet


Black Hen as a pullet



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I am very interested, but am unsure on shipping costs or how I would get a box to you (or where I would get a box). Any ideas or suggestions?
I would guess that either of these boxes would work but I have only ever shippen Bantams so Im not 100% sure. tp:// Then you would just have them ship the box to me. Then shipping Im not sure as I said I havent shipped large fowl but typically a pair of bantam cochin adults actully shipping normally runs around $45-$55. I would have to get a weight on them in the box to know for sure what it would cost.

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