Trouble with chickens

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    Jul 9, 2008
    [​IMG] It was a sad decision I had to make.....but, I decided that I had to put her out of her misery. My Barred Rock who is about 4 years old, suffered a prolapse and ended up with maggots from the flies. She made it thru the night but was in no better shape the next day. So I put her in warm water with Shaklee Basic H. She seemed to feel better because the maggots dropped out (many of them). After washing her, I examined the area and put antibotic ointment in the area and placed her in a cage with a heat lamp. She stopped eating and drinking. Late afternoon, when she did not improve, I put her down. I am not in the egg business, so I don't put hens down when they get old - only if they become ill. I believe she was the one who laid that horribly huge egg and suffered for it. I have several hens over 5 years old and are still laying. I believe that ages 4 and 5 years are old for chickens.
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    It is never easy to put down one of your animals. Sorry you had to do it but congrats on practicing good animal husbandry.

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