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    OK. My incubator came today (still turner) and I have been tinkering for several hours....we have found the built in thermometer to be totally inaccurate... after putting a thermometer on the grate we finally have the temp somewhat stable but the humidity is at 65% is there a trick to that? I put the water in the bottom like the instructions said. Should I use cups??? I'm a bit lost....I'm an a first timer.


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    Welcome to the wonderfull world of hatching! Always an adventure.

    Now then, its normal to take a few days to get the bator right. Don't set eggs until its been stable a day or two, I'm not kidding. You'll want your thermometer at the top of your eggs when the time comes. Also, in still airs, the heat settles in layers of different temperatures. So, you'll want to get something uneffected by humidity, to set under your thermometer to get it up to where the tops of eggs would be. Keep temps a kiss higher in still airs, btw. (100ish)

    Now, humidity. Don't FILL UP the waters at the bottem, just fill one section. Then, if humidity is still too high, you'll want to add it manually a tb or two at a time when you turn eggs, instead of leave it in. You want humidity about 40% for most eggs. (it fluctuates in smaller baters, so keep it above 30% and below 50% as well as you can). The last 3 days, fill up all the water holders at bottem, and if your humidity is 75%, your good. If its too low, add wet sponges. If its 90%, take some water out. Once humidty is good, don't open the bator until hatch day is complete, if you can stand it. (It will prevent shrink wrapping your babies in the egg- important to keep humidity stable then.)

    IF your temps fluctuate too much, fill up little jars with lids with warm water (100 degrees best) and put them in the bater. (make sure they don't touch anything on or in the lid - baby food jars or smaller jars on their sides with good tight lids work great) These will get to temp, and help hold your temps stable in a small incubater environment.
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    I had humidity problems last hatch...this time I got a small bowl of water and put it in the incubator like before, only I hooked up a little aquarium air pump and put the air stone in the bowl, agitating the surface and making it evaporate quicker! Kept the humidity right in the acceptable range and if you get a valve to adjust the flow of air (like I did) you can turn it up for lockdown time.

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