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    Nov 7, 2015
    Last 2 hatchs I hatched out about 99%.after the 1588 was loaded again I came in about a week later and temp was set on 80.I raised it back to where it was.Before it held perfect 99.9. I had 2 silkie eggs in it and17 chuckars eggs.Both started hatching early,the chuckars about 3 days early.I had to help out about all of them.They were so tired they laid there for 24 hours and then they were ok.The last 7 started hatching on the 24th day.All made it but one whos beak got stuck to the shell.My boy let some one take my good brooder home full of birds.I didn't get it back till today.I used the bottom half of a little giant incubator for tempory brooder and had wire over it.This morning I checked on them and all had gotten in water and were about dead.I have the chick waterer that they are not supposed to get in.I checked on them again this afternoon and incubator was on floor.The back room door even when you shut it good will come open.I found 3 of them,the rest were eaten by cat,I put an screen door latch on it after that.After that I checked my temps with 4 theromenters.Book says to put it under heater in center on top of eggs.It read 104,another 102,the 3rd 99.5 .and the last about 100.I also put one on floor and it read high.The other gennis reads 99.9 on floor.I lowered temp until it was 99.4 and temp dropped to under a 100.i have it on factory setting now and its reading 100?????????? the early ones had what looked like an intestine sticking out,but it must have been part of door on quail cage also came open at times.I have a spring on door now,a latch inside and out, and made a double door.At least I saved the 2 silkies.I have 130 quail and chuckars in there soon to hatch.I use a second 1588 for last 3 days without a turner.crossing my fingers
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