Trough questions


May 9, 2015
I have a German Shepherd that spends a lot of time during the day outside during the summer because my house doesn't have air conditioning and we don't leave the windows open while at work. Once it gets too hot, I leave one of those misting/spraying sprinklers on but then she and the ground become a muddy mess. I was thinking of getting her a kiddy pool, but she thinks the world is a chew toy so I'm afraid she would eat the plastic.
When I searched for a trough online to even see where you buy one, I saw pics of cement ones. The metal ones concerned me for two reasons - one, I was afraid they'd be a little too deep and be a potential drowning hazard, and two, I was concerned with how hot the water would get from the sun heating the metal (it would kind of defeat the purpose of wanting her to be able to cool off if the water ends up hot).
I didn't really look at them, but I figured if the metal ones didn't come with some draining hole, then I could probably finagle something to be a drain since I'm sure they're too heavy to try to tip and dump the water out. But, how do you empty a cement one? I really like the look of the cement ones more than the metal ones.

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