True Silkies?

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7 Years
Jul 7, 2012
Hello I just got a bunch of silkies from a breeder, they are 2-3 weeks old, when I brought them home I started questioning if they were pure silkie, the coloring is way crazy for being blue, splash and buff. I also noticed 3 have single combs not walnut like the rest. They have 5 toes, 2 have tuffs of hair on there head (guessing this is bearded?) some dont have any feathering on there face, are they pure or crossed with something? Pics below.. I can get better closeups later on..

The feathering on their face will probably come in later; I imagine they are just in their "awkward" phase. :) I see blue and splash, but those brown ones are not buffs. They shouldn't have any black on them if they are buffs. They should DEFINITELY only have walnut combs; that is the real give-away to me that they've got something else mixed in. Maybe someone who knows the colors better will chime in!
They are "pure" in the hatchery stock sense. That's just how the average silkie from a hatchery looks. Kinda all over the place, with only silky feathering in common.

Those colors are also typical of a mixed color group of silkies allowed to freely breed with each other.

If you wanted the "cotton balls" with round bodies, big crests you can only get them from a serious breeder with "show stock" breeding goals.

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