True story of a bird found after a forest fire...

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    This was an email sent to me about a bird, the story doesn't mention the type of bird, but it sure reminded me of some of my momma hens.

    I'm sure you've experienced some really devoted and protective hens. I have one tiny banty that lost two chicks to a predator one night the she got locked out of the hen house after the wind blew the door shut during a storm. The hen was limping the next day, and I know she did her best to protect those babies! She has also killed a young skunk that invaded the hen house and she was able to save seven of her chicks.

    This story reminds me of her (and of course our own true Savior!)...

    God's Wings -

    A little something to put things in perspective...

    After a forest fire in Yellowstone National Park , forest rangers
    began their trek up a mountain to assess the inferno's damage.

    One ranger found a bird literally petrified in ashes, perched
    statuesquely on the ground at the base of a tree. Somewhat
    sickened by the eerie sight, he knocked over the bird with a stick.
    When he gently struck it, three tiny chicks scurried from under
    their dead mother's wings. The loving mother, keenly aware of
    impending disaster, had carried her offspring to the base of the
    tree and had gathered them under her wings, instinctively knowing
    that the toxic smoke would rise.

    She could have flown to safety but had refused to abandon her
    babies. Then the blaze had arrived and the heat had scorched her
    small body, the mother had remained steadfast ...because she had
    been willing to die, so those under the cover of her wings would live.

    'He will cover you with His feathers,
    And under His wings you will find refuge.'
    (Psalm 91:4)

    Being loved this much should make a difference in your life.
    Remember the One who loves you, and then be different because of it.

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    What a beautiful story - You made me tear up at work

    I know as a mother I would sacrifice myself for my son - the love and devotion between mothers and their young is amazing
    It's unfortunate when that love is not there .

    Thank you for the story .
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    The bird was a bald eagle I believe [​IMG]
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    Not to take away from any inspiration you may get from this story, but...

    "Although we can observe the actions of animals, we cannot assume their behaviors are based on the same motives and emotions as our own."

    Ramen. [​IMG]

  5. English Chick

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    That brought a tear to me eye............ the mothering instinct never ceases to amaze me........... nature is truly wonderful...
  6. TheGoldenRoo

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    Oct 15, 2009
    That's is a pretty story... Thanks for sharing it!

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