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    Nov 2, 2013
    I got my Hovabator Genisus yesterday and set it up. The display holds strong at 99.7-100.1 and the humidity at 52%, I also bought on EBay a cheap digital thermometer and hydrometer with a senser cable, this was showing 103 temp and 72% humidity?? I'm going to trust the Hovabator over my cheap thermometer. Does anyone have the Genisus and does it truly hold the right temp? Thanks for any help!!
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    With something like that I would get one more thermometer and see what it says.

    Somewhere you can find how to calibrate a thermometer, to see if it is actually reading true.

    The last time I incubated I found that my meat thermometer did start reading at 95, so I used that to be my third thermometer.

    But, with the readings that far off.... maybe you need to research how to calibrate.
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    This is what I did t test my thermometers and hygrometers...hope it helps:

    Tips on checking accuracy of thermometers and hygrometers:

    The thing you want to do is check that any of thermometers and hygrometers are correct by testing them against a known criteria.
    Comparing devices is useless unless you know how accurate any of them are.

    I used a candy thermometer tested in boiling water and noted how far off 212 degrees it was...or whatever temp water boils at your altitude.
    You can check your boiling temp at altitude here.
    Then put the candy thermometer and 3 others in the incubator during the test run and compared them all, noting any differences.

    I made a chart noting all temps and made notes about if this one reads this temp it is actually that temp.

    Hygrometers can be tested by putting 1/2 cup salt and 1/4 cup water in a dish or jar and mixing it to a slurry.
    Put the salt slurry jar and the hygrometer next to each other in a sealed plastic bag.
    After 8-12 hours the hygrometer should read 75%...again note and differences and you're set.
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    That was the info I was referring to!

    Thanks for taking the time to post it!

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