Truth or Fiction?


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Sep 23, 2008
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I have always heard never feed layers fruit as it somehow causes them to quit laying? Is this true?

I have 2 crabapple trees bending over with the weight of their fruit...would love to throw them to the chickens but afraid to find out the hard way if fruit is a bad thing? Anyone familiar with this???
There's a whole big thread on this going on in the feeding time section.
IMO, it's an old wive's tale. We have all kinds of fruit that is falling off the trees and the chickens are helping themselves to it; peaches, apples, figs. Every day this week I've had a new hen "come on line" as I call starting to lay. Nope, hasn't slowed this flock down a bit.
Gee, I sure hope not........they had an apple today.
I really doubt it.... I give my chickens, peas, corn, peaches, plums, tomatoes, bananas, apples, pears...*breath*...carrots, lettuce, ect EVERYDAY!!!!

Yeah, my girls are spoiled.... but I've been getting 2 eggs a day for 6 days straight and only have 2 laying pullets! Its GREAT, and they deserve it!
my girls and guys have been pigging out all summer on dropped pears from the tree in their run. They've not shown any signs of this having been bad for them in any way. They're plump & sassy and act perfectly content.
I'll just add my experience. We have had plums and pears falling on the ground this year, and the chickens really love them, especially the pears. There has been no decrease in laying.

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